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Yamaha Trumpets

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Yamaha Trumpets

Yamaha are the first wind instrument maker to use completely lead-free solder on all its instruments. Since the Europeans Union's Reduction of Hazardous Substances directive in July 2006 Yamaha eliminated all use of leaded solder despite the fact they do not fall under the directive.

Yamaha trumpets are crafted with outstanding attention to the smallest details, making them the ideal choice for every performer. Their consistency in manufacturing, flexible tonal colour and excellent intonation enhances the individual artistry of each musician. At the same time, their sound blends easily with other instruments in an orchestra or band.


Ideal for any performing situation, including the concert hall, recording studio, intimate jazz club or even the marching field, the Xeno Trumpet Series provides just the right amount of resistance, allowing smooth pitch transition without over blowing. Yamaha's corrosion-resistant Monel pistons enhance the smooth valve action and long term precise fit. Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensure an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or slide parts. Such an ideal fit helps to achieve smooth airflow and velvety action while improving the response and intonation of the instrument.

The Xeno series is designed for those who want power and projection along with big warm sounds. Its heavyweight construction produces a solid tone core for a rich, strong sound that will not spread or break up no matter how hard you push it. It blows freely and comfortably while still providing enough air resistance for quick response and superb tonal flexibility.

The Xeno's bell is one of its most unique features. The walls of the bell gradually thin as it gets closer to the rim. This helps hold the sound together even at extreme dynamic angles. The seam of the bell is also aligned with the braces to improve tonal projection giving a natural vibrancy to the entire trumpet.

The first valve slide features a special brace that focuses the tone for unparalleled definition and clarity. The 3rd valve slide stopper has been moved to allow extended slide play for a low F or to facilitate alternative fingerings. The braces between the bell, valve casing and lead pipe are smaller to bring the parts closer together, lending a natural vibrancy to the entire trumpet.

The new shape of top and bottom valve caps and the skeletonised interior valve stems contribute greatly to the flexible response of the trumpets. Specially formulated synthetic pads lend an improved touch to the valve action while preserving accurate piston alignment and adding clarity to the tone of the trumpet.

Malone Pipe

Malone Pipes are a key aspects of most of the Xeno range. Designed by renowned brass instrument maker Bob Malone, the Malone Pipe is available in several keys, offering quick response, superior intonation and unparalleled evenness of tone. Originally a trumpet player himself, Bob Malone opened his custom brass shop in Los Angeles in 1983. Trumpeters flocked to his shop to have him personally customize their horns. His original lead pipe design has enjoyed wide acclaim and is still held in high regard among trumpet players. Since Bob joined Yamaha's Research and Development team in 2001 his Malone Pipe design has made its way into a number of Xeno models.

Custom Series

To produce the trumpets in the Custom series Yamaha have collaborated with an array of the worldís leading artists to examine and perfect the bare essentials needed for crafting superb, reliable instruments.

The Custom range incorporates an array of new, unique qualities. The multi-bore aspects means that when the piston is not depressed the trumpet has the same bore structure as a Bb trumpet. However when the pistons are depressed the unique multi-bore structure reduces the difference in back pressure by passing through the L bore valve slide. The advantage of this is a continuous reliability of tone.

Unlike other traditional manufacturing methods the custom series bells are made using a French Bead technique. This is an extremely advanced technique that matches the curling shape of a semi-cylindrical rim and is characterized by improved feedback of sound to the performer. Furthermore the Custom series incorporates more advanced side seaming. This is the process of placing the connection point to the lateral valve casing side to the conventional method of placing the connection point on the lower side of the bell. Side seam trumpets tend to have a more open vibration. 

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