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Evans G1 Coated

Evans G1 Coated

Evans G2 Coated

Evans G2 Coated

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There are a lot of things that go into determining the sound of a drum kit. The kit size, the wood type etc. Though to really enhance the desired sound, choosing the correct drum head is essential. Here at Simmonds Music, we have a fine selection of various drum heads in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. We supply only the best brands such as Evans and Remo to make sure that we have exactly what you're looking for. To get the desired sound, it is important to first understand the various types of drum skins and what sound they each achieve. Drum skins are made up of 1 ply (1 layer), 2 ply (two layers) and coated skins.  Let's take a look at the Evans range for example. The G1  range is made up on one 10mil single ply film. It comes in both clear or coated skins.This particular drum head creates a bright tone, with sustain and sensetivity. This sets the standard of  Evans drum heads at a very reasonable price. The EC2 range however features a sound shaping technology ring mounted between two plies of 7 mil film. This helps to dampen the resonance and high overtones on the toms. As you can see, there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to drum skins. Some skins like the Evans Hydraulic range even come with a layer of oil sandwiched between two 7 - mil plies, giving a deep,  fat sound.

The Remo drum heads are legendary in the world of drums and feature a similarly varied selection with that of the Evans range. The Remo range again offers 1 ply, 2 ply and coated skins. The range includes the Diplomat series, a 1 ply, 7 mil film made from Mylar. Pinstripe Drum heads are made with two plies (10 and 5 mil plies) of Mylar film with a measured layer of a ring-reducing agent applied between them at the outer edge, that gives a "fat" low pitch and a short sustain. The Remo range is an incredibly durable and reliable selection of skins and are well worth considering when choosing your drum heads. You will find our whole range of Evans and Remo heads right here on our website.

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