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When it comes to picking a pair of drum sticks, you can never be too fussy. Perhaps you are purcahsing you're first ever pair but don't really know what to choose. Or maybe you're an experienced player, looking to expand your stick selection.  Whatever your level of playing may be, There are a lot of things to consider, the size, the weight, the feel. Stick sizes range from 7a to 2b. These sizes determine the weight and feel of a stick. The style of drumming can also be altered  by the size of the stick. Once you're happy with the size and the weight, there's the type of wood to consider. Wood types usually consist of Hickory, maple and Oak. Hickory is the most popular, a very well rounded wood for drum sticks. Maple is a lighter, more flexible wood, and Oak  is a more dense wood. This makes it a heavier yet a more durable wood. As you can see, there's a lot more than meets the eye when choosing a pair of sticks, but it's not over yet. There's the tips to think about. The tips play their part in changing the sound you get when playing. Plastic tips create a sweeter cymbal sound as apposed to wooden tips that give a more authentic, traditional sound. 

Not all drum sticks are made from wood, if you're wanting to really diversify your drum sound, we offer a selection of the highest quality brush sticks that come in all different shapes and sizes. The material used with the brushes determines the quality and sound. Wire brushes will give you a very authentic jazz sweep sound and the Nylon brushes offer a heavier sweep sound. Both types of brushes can retract into the handle, making them much more convenient and keeps the brushes safe.

 So there you have it, drum sticks play a huge role in helping drummers achieve the right sound and feel. That's why at Simmonds music we have the whole range of stick sizes in various wood types, tips and brushes selected from the best brands,  including Vic Firth, Los Cabos, Sonix and many more!

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